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  • This list is from the Enchanted Bros wiki and is still incomplete. If you have a character to add, please include their Instrument and their Likes.

Male StudentsEdit


Name Kind Image Instument Nature Type Catchphrase Likes Hates

Favourite Food

James Orange
Electic Guitar Wild - - - "Look at me when I'm talking!" Forest plants, Tulip Trash ? ? ? 9/2
Laurel Hibiscus
Flute Stingy Changes "Oh, stop." Special flowers, Daisy series, Christmas series ? ? ? Pizza 10/25


Name Kind Image Insturment Nature Type Catchphrase Likes Hates Favourite Food Birthday
Seth Purple Demon
Sax Wild Passive "Mwahaha..." Special flowers, Gothic Series ? ? ? ? ? ? 4/13
Kelsey Skeleton Undead
Bass Calm Passive "Actually..." Marguerite, Horror Series ? ? ? Tea Set, Birthday Cake 4/25
Duke Demon
Sax Calm Changes "I believe..." Rose, Gothic Series ? ? ? Tea Set, Christmas Cake 12/7
Marty Alien
Accoustic Guitar Calm Positive "So, in conclusion..." Marguerite, Celebrity Series ? ? ? Tea Set, Birthday Cake 1/9
Gary Patchwork Undead
Bass Easy-Going Passive "Don't get mad okay?" Special flowers, Horror Series ? ? ? Christmas Dinner, French Food 3/27


Name Kind Image Instrument Nature Type Catchphrase Likes Hates Favourite Food Birthday
Eric Flip Phone
Drums Mischievous Self-Paces "So, I heard on the phone..." Special flowers, Forest Series, Telephones ? ? ? French Food 5/9
Alexander Gourd Costume
Maracas Narcissist - - - "Draw nearer." Special flowers, Tea Room Series ? ? ? ? ? ? 10/1
Sarge Robotic Drill Sergeant 
Electric Guitar Narcissist - - - "Victory!" Tulips, Undersea Series ? ? ? ? ? ? 3/25
TV-20C Robot Television
Electric Guitar Stingy Changes *splutter* Special flowers, Telephones Spiders, White Mushrooms Hamburger 10/21
Troy Trojan Horse
Electric Guitar Easy-Going Passive "..." May lily, Halloween series ? ? ? French Food 8/20


Name Kind Image Instrument Nature Type Catchphrase Likes Hates Favourite Food Birthday
Ellis White Rabbit
Flute Stingy Passive "You don't have a clue, do you? Special flowers, Striped Series, Kitchen Series Mushrooms, Centipede Pizza 4/11
Kevin Green Pig
Accoustic Guitar Easy-Going Positive *sniff sniff* May lily, Candy series ? ? ? ? ? ? 6/18
Wuss Ginger Tabby
Bass Wild Passive "I didn't wanna say this, but..." Tulip, Cockpit items ? ? ? Chinese Food 11/18
Grimble Frilled Lizard
Violin Stingy Positive "Back in the day..." Special flowers, Ancient series ? ? ? ? ? ? 6/8
Theo Brown Bear
Accoustic Guitar Easy-Going - - -  "Mmm... Honey" Tulip, Candy series, Fairytale Series ? ? ? Steak 7/14
Ralph Brown Raccoon
Drums Calm Passive "This isn't easy to say, but..." Marguerite ? ? ? Orange 11/1
Sammy Penguin
Whistle Easy-Going Self-Paced "Just like that." May lily, Tea Room series ? ? ? Ramen 5/5
Sanderson Frog
Sax Easy-Going - - -  "Oh, by the way..." May lily, Chinese series, Decorative plants ? ? ? ? ? ? 8/18
Django Wolf
Electric Guitar Narcissist Passive "Hmm, yeah." Rose, Tasteful series ? ? ? New Years Set, Sukiyaki, Orange 11/26
Derrick Green Raccoon
Drums Easy-Going - - - "Yeah, that's right." Tulip, Oriental series ? ? ? ? ? ? 7/24
Shawn Blue Ram
Violin Easy-Going Self-Paced *mutters* May lily, Wood series, Decorative plants ? ? ? ? ? ? 8/18
Stuart Wolf
Electric Guitar Mischievous Changes "YES!" Tulip, Stripe series ? ? ? French Food 7/5
Abasi Lion
Drums Easy-Going Changes *growl* May lily, Ancient series ? ? ? ? ? ? 10/12
Frank Horned Toad
Sax Narcissist Positive "Beautiful!" Rose, Modern series ? ? ? ? ? ? 1/31
Rodney Blue Mouse
Violin Stingy Self-Paced "On the other hand..." Special flowers, Celebrity series Spider, Trash Hamburger 8/25
Tony Blue Deer
Flute Stingy Changes "Baby?" Rose, Basic series Rotten Berry Breakfast, Pizza 12/26
Chester Blue Cat
Bass Calm Changes "Hahaha!" Marguerite, Celebrity series ? ? ? Birthday cake 9/18
Ben Shiba Inu
Drums Mischievous - - -  "I'm obviously no expert, but…" Tulip, Basic series ? ? ? French food
Barkley Sheep
Violin Calm Self-Paced "Listen carefully..." Marguerite, Tasteful series, Telephones  Trash Tea Set 8/5
Havana White Lion
Accoustic Guitar Mischievous Passive "Dare I say..." Tulip, Ancient series, Tasteful series ? ? ? French food 8/1
Sergey White Seal
Drums Wild Changes "You wanna go?!" Tulip, Ice series ? ? ? ? ? ? 10/29
Damian Panda
Accoustic Guitar Wild Passive "I'm only gonna say this once." Tulip, Princess series, Gardening ? ? ? Ramen 4/17
Humphrey Falcon
Whistle Narcissist Changes "Heh" Rose, Wood series ? ? ? New Years Set 12/2
Billy Blue Squirrel
Violin Calm Self-Paced "According to my data..." Marguerite, Modern series ? ? ? Tea Set 9/7
Nigel Weasel
Maracas Mischievous Changes "If you ask me..." Rose, Tasteful series ? ? ? French Food 12/20
Brett Purple Bird
Bass Wild Passive "Don't you think that..." Tulip, Halloween series ? ? ? Ramen 3/15
Bernard Bear
Accoustic Guitar Calm Changes "Um, Um..." Marguerite, Candy series ? ? ? Tea Set 7/2
Napoleon Crowned Penguin
Whistle Mischievous Positive "Well, in my honest opinion..." Tulip, Ice series Trash Christmas Cake 2/22
Matthew White Ferret
Maracas Calm Changes "Guess what guess what?" Marguerite, Oriental series ? ? ? ? ? ? 10/19
Neville Brown Mouse
Violin Easy-Going Changes "I'm stuffed." May lily, Candy series ? ? ? ? ? ? 7/29
Mikey Brown Monkey
Accoustic Guitar Stingy Self-Paced "Well, to me..." Special flowers, Forest series Mushrooms Pizza 9/27
Foggy Walrus
Drums Easy-Going Changes "What was I talking about again?" May lily, Undersea series ? ? ? ? ? ? 8/15
Anson White Cat
Flute Narcissist Passive "I'm not bragging or anything..." Rose, Telephones, Celebrity series ? ? ? French Food 11/12
Johnson Chameleon
Violin Calm Self-Paced "Here's a funny story" Marguerite, Tea Room series ? ? ? Orange 9/24
Thor Eagle
Whistle Mischievous Changes "Hm." Tulip, Ice series, Rhinoceros Beetle ? ? ? French Food 12/10
Richard Crowned Dog
Drums Calm Positive "To be honest with you..." Marguerite, Striped series ? ? ? ? ? ? 2/5
Rudolph Dalmation
Drums Narcissist Positive "Hey, are you listening?! Rose, Modern series ? ? ? ? ? ? 2/15
Wyatt Black Horse
Electric Guitar Mischievous Positive "All right!" Tulip, Wood series ? ? ? French Food 1/4

Female StudentsEdit


Name Kind Image Instrument Nature Type Catchphrase Likes Hates Favourite Food Birthday
Barbara Red Rose
Flute Idol Positive "So that's how it is, but..." Rose, Basic series, Gardening items ? ? ? Japanese Food 2/7
Petal Pink Flower
Flute Gentle Positive "Ha ha!" Tulip, Princess series ? ? ? Birthday Cake 6/4
Delcy Apple
Flute Peppy Secretive "Ayup" Marguerite, Wood series ? ? ? Orange 9/12
Blossom Peach
Flute Pessimistic Passive "Peachy!" May lily, Wood series Insects Orange 3/3
Victoria Triffid
Flute Pessimistic Passive "Is it just me?" Forest series, Special Flowers ? ? ? ? ? ? 4/5


Name Kind Image Instrument Nature Type Catchphrase Likes Hates Favourite Food Birthday
Brownie Chocolate Cake
Maracas Gentle Changes "Huh?" Rose, Halloween series ? ? ? Tea set 9/15
Cherry Strawberry Cupcake
Maracas Idol Changes "Mmm... sweet." Rose, Candy series ? ? ? Birthday Cake 12/18
Patsy Mont Blanc
Maracas Pessimistic Secretive "*sigh*" May lily, Candy series ? ? ? Christmas Cake 8/9


Name Kind Image Instrument Nature Type Catchphrase Likes Hates Favourite Food Birthday
Marsha Martian
Accoustic Guitar Gentle Positive "How 'bout that, eh?" Marguerite, Princess series ? ? ? Sushi 6/13
Amber Imp
Sax Peppy Positive *giggle* Rose, Gothic series ? ? ? Sushi, New Years Cooking 6/20
Lydia Jianshi
Whistle Studious Positive "But, you see..." Special flowers Fly Chinese Food 1/18
Grace Banshee
Bass Peppy Changes *snicker* Special flowers, Gothic series ? ? ? ? ? ? 12/20


Name Kind Image Instrument Nature Type Catchphrase Likes Hates Favourite Food Birthday
Christine Robot
Electric Guitar Gentle Changes "Where was I..." Marguerite, Tasteful series Trash French Food 7/30
Sonya Matryoshka Doll
Maracas Pessimistic - - - "Just between us..." Margeurite, Oriental series Trash ? ? ? 4/9
Petra Tumble Doll
Maracas Idol Secretive *ahem* Rose, Horror series Trash Japanese Food 5/28


Name Kind Instrument Nature Type Catchphrase Likes Hates Favorite Food Birthday
Hannah Black-wool Sheep Violin Studious - - - ??? Rose, Daisy Series ??? ??? 1/25
Phoebe Boar A. Guitar Curious Positive "You know what?" Tulip, Ancient Series ??? Ramen (Chinese Food) 1/7
Whitney Black Raccoon Drums Pessimistic - - - *sniffle* May Lily, Undersea Series ??? Chinese Food 9/22
Holly White Horse E. Guitar Studious Changes "Well…" Marguerite, Oriental Series ??? French Food 12/15
Madison Green Monkey Sax Idol - - - "So, basically…" Rose, Tea Room Series, Decorative Plants ??? ??? 5/14
Aurora Purple Penguin Whistle Gentle Secretive "My senses tell me…" Marguerite, Horror Series ??? ??? 5/18
Libby Yellow-Green Skunk Whistle Peppy Positive "I'll be blunt." Tulip, Daisy Series ??? ??? 2/27
Becky Pink Monkey A. Guitar Curious Positive "Can you keep a secret?" Special flowers, Forest Series ??? Ramen (Chinese Food), Tea Set 6/23
Sparkles Pink Hedgehog Violin Curious Positive "Don't tell anyone." Special flowers, Halloween Series ??? Chinese Food 6/10
Cocoa Light Brown Dog Sax Peppy Self-Paced "Oi!" Tulip, Basic Series ??? Other 5/21
Chelsea Chick/Bird Bass Curious Secretive "You know what I'm saying?" Special flowers, Ancient Series ??? ??? 8/29
Molly Squirrel Whistle Curious Positive "You know something?" Special flowers, Striped Series Centipede, Moth Tea (Chinese Food) 2/1
Tina Delinquent Wolf E. Guitar Studious Passive "Listen up!" Rose, Modern Series ??? French Food 4/28
Zoe Pink Poodle with Glasses Sax Idol Passive "You ready for this?" May Lily/Rose, Celebrity Series ??? ??? 11/6
Starla Crane Whistle Gentle Positive "Tra la la." Rose, Oriental Series ??? Tea Set 1/21
Shelly White Arabian looking Bird Bass Gentle Positive "Don't get any big ideas." Rose, Tea Room Series ??? French Food 6/27
Janet Pink haired deer Flute Studious Passive "Oh my…" Marguerite, Celebrity Series ??? ??? 3/11
Silvia Purple Cat E. Guitar Curious Positive "Hey…" Special flowers, Celebrity Series ??? Sukiyaki, Sushi, New Years Cooking (Japanese Food) 1/28
Suzy White Cat Bass Idol Passive *purr* Rose, Striped Series ??? Chinese Food 3/8
Lucille Pink Seal Drums Peppy - - - "Um…" Marguerite, Ice Series ??? Other 10/6
Fifi Siberian Husky Bass Gentle Positive "Heh heh." May Lily, Princess Series Veiled Lady Mushroom ??? 2/26
Brandy Blue and White Tartan patterned Bear A. Guitar Gentle Self-Paced "Um, let me see…" Marguerite, Undersea Series ??? Christmas Cake, Birthday Cake (Tea set) 8/12
Jessica Chinese Ferret Maracas Curious Changes "Ai-yah!" May Lily ??? Ramen (Chinese Food) 10/10
Tot Blue Bird Bass Pessimistic Passive *cheep* May Lily, Princess Series ??? Pizza (Other) 3/20
Cherie Depressed Light Blue Ferret Maracas Pessimistic Changes *groan* May Lily, Horror Series ??? Chinese Food 5/12
Pamela White Rabbit with Pink Hair Sax Idol Changes "You know it." Rose, Daisy Series Cockroach Sushi (Japanese Food) 7/7
Freya Blue Ribbon Frog Sax Peppy - - - *ribbit* Tulip, Daisy Series ??? ??? 4/2
Abigail Pink Pig A. Guitar Pessimistic - - - "But, like, um…" May Lily, Basic Series ??? Other 3/30
Olivia Orange Spotted Lizard Violin Pessimistic - - - "I don't know how to say this…" May Lilly, Halloween Series ??? ??? 4/23
Moony Blue Penguin Whistle Peppy Positive "Goo goo ga ga…" Tulip, Ice Series ??? ??? 2/16
Meg Small Deer Flute Idol Changes "Um, like, y'know?" Special flowers, Gothic Series ??? Birthday Cake (Tea Set) 12/25
Naomi Purple Haired Rabbit Sax Curious - - - "To be honest…" May Lily, Undersea Series ??? New Years Cooking (Japanese Food) 7/21
Felicia White Sheep Violin Pessimistic Self Paced "That's wight." May Lily, Chinese Series ??? ??? 3/23
Chloe Calico Cat Bass Studious Secretive "Let me put it like this…" Marguerite, Princess Series ??? ??? 5/2
Geraldine Giraffe E. Guitar Pessimistic Positive *chuckle* May Lily, Ancient Series ??? Pizza (Other) 2 / 28

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